Continuous improvements

Our Lubrication Capabilities Optimization (LCO) Program forms the foundation of the partnership working towards the common goal of reduced the running costs of the entire rock drill fleet. This is our proven process with specific areas of focus for lasting results:

L– Lubrication

We initiate the program with lubrication audits on the entire fleet. The report from the audits is provided together with recommended repairs and an option to have these repairs and upgrades completed by us. We recommend Water Separator upgrades to all rigs with the aim to extend the service life of the rock drill fleet – effectively reducing the cost per impact hour. Finally we offer re-audit & repair continuous over an iteration cycle.

C – Capabilities

The second step in the LCO Program is about the customer’s capabilities. For the best results we pass on our knowledge to our customers through training and familiarisation sessions for maintenance and operational Staff. Our customers learn to conduct their own lubrication audits and drifter servicing, which results in proactively maintaining these critical systems. Providing operational and maintenance advice for drill rig operators is aimed at increasing awareness of practices that can adversely affect the rock drill service life as well as tips to extend the life of rock drills. We aim for a continuous iteration cycle of L-C.

O – Optimization

Only once the L-C-iteration cycle is at a point where costs are down we can look towards innovation to further reduce costs to the operation.

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