About us

Our extensive knowledge and experience with rock drills has led to the development of numerous product upgrades and innovative products. We have a proven track record of improving performance and reducing costs.


Established in April 2001, we have grown to be Australia’s largest independent rock drill manufacturer and service provider employing over 50 people. With strategically located service centers and in-house parts manufacturing, as well as onsite technical support, we are the supplier of choice for many of Australia’s leading miners and mining contractors. We have produce parts for rock drills from 2002, since then vast amounts of research and development have gone into producing parts that will last longer and give customers better results.


Parts like pistons and impact bodies have been improved through extensive failure analysis and choice of raw materials and our customers have seen dramatic improvements in service life. The lessons learned through gradual product upgrades have helped us evolve into a manufacturer capable of supplying numerous models tailored to customers’ needs. One of our greatest achievements has been the Variable stroke series (VS) rock drill which operates using unique variable stroking that matches the level of power output to the ground conditions in which it is drilling.


In 2007, we introduced the revolutionary 4-bolt open atmosphere front head that has subsequently been retrofitted to many of our customers’ drill fleets. The 4-bolt front head greatly reduces the risk of over-tensioning strapping bolts and its open atmosphere design stops flushing water entering the drill while in operation. The same year we also established a state-of-the-art in-house manufacturing facility in Melbourne to supply high-quality rock drills and components. Extensive in-house equipment and technical resources allow us to deliver superior quality products to the mining industry.


We use the latest 5 axis CNC machinery for high precision and accuracy. Matched with highly experienced operators and management, our manufacturing capability is truly world class. We place great importance on best practices and quality, ensuring all components manufactured are to the highest standards and put through rigorous quality control measures.


Parts are milled from solid billet, giving them greater strength and durability, which translates to longer life expectancy and reduced operating costs for end users. Extensive research and development has refined our manufacturing process and we can confidently say that we have become an industry leader in the use of CNC machining and production processes.


We work closely with suppliers to ensure a solid partnership that promotes both quality and efficiency. Everything from milling tips to raw material are sourced from world class suppliers to provide the best results for end users of our products. We also encourage the building of Australian manufacturing skills base through trade apprentice programs and skill recognition incentives for employees.


In 2018, the Rock Drill Services Australia brand became a part of ProReman Pty Ltd (ABN 53 621 802 104).